The NachtZirkius is a very special world; outside of time and outside of place.  It is home to a troupe of
monsters, misfits and miscreants who, by virtue of a quirk of birth, fate or inclination, have been exiled from
normality.  They have gathered together in a survival coalition, away from the cruel scrutiny and judgement of
the world.  It exists as a nexus of existential uncertainty in a world that believes it knows what it is doing.  A
world in which there exist no dichotomies; no black and white, but instead a kaleidoscope of dazzling colours,
bewildering and disorientating for most, but unimaginably rich for some.  Inside the Zirkus, you can shrug off
the demands and constraints of the outside world and live by another set of rules. 

The Zirkus travels with the wind, having no plan or map.  It is drawn to where it is needed.  One day you
might see a flyer for the Zirkus, inviting you to spend an evening with us.  You will see it in a place you
wouldn’t expect it.  If you see the invitation, accept it.  It is meant for you.  Visit us for one, magical evening,
or stay with us for the rest of your life. 

The Zirkus was established in 2008 as a product of the fevered imagination of Maus; impresario, adventurer
and renowned pervert.  Its troupe is represented by dolls, toys and other abandoned relics of childhood,
strewn in the gutter of the road most travelled.  Inside, you will find writings and images by which we hope to
convey our world.  The writing and images will not be to everyone's taste.  Themes include homoeroticism,
sadomasochism and sacrilege.  Strong language is also used where necessary.  By accessing this site, you
agree that you are of an appropriate age and disposition to enjoy such material.

So join us, esteemed guest, as we enter the NachtZirkus; the Strangest Show on Earth.
Artwork by Stefan Paris
Please note, ladies and gentlemen, that the
NachtZirkus is currently under construction.  We are
busy hammering in the tent pegs and spreading the
sawdust and hope to have the Zirkus completed
soon.  Please come back and enjoy more of the
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