What is there to say about Bosch?  He is small, mean and likes to wear women's clothing.  He is a piece of ethereal flotsam that
arrived when Lilu was created, an astral fly that blew in when the psychic window was opened.  No one knows what sort of being
he is, but it is believed that he is drawn towards the things that you and I forget.  If your umbrella is no longer with you when you
leave the train and one of yesterday's earrings has been mysteriously mislaid, Bosch has it.  The car keys on the hall table, the 10
note in your wallet, that last mouthful of coffee in the bottom of your cup.  If you could have sworn that it was there and you find
that it is not, Bosch has it.

No one knows what he does with these trophies or why they should appeal to him, but rest assured that he will bring them back. 
Not always straight away and not always to their rightful owner, but they will be back.  Some day.


Bosch makes up for a deficit of height with a surplus of attitude.  He is fearsomely irritable before his morning coffee and no better
after it.  He is somewhat attached to Demian as, being absent-minded, he mislays plenty of items for Bosch to collect.  Somewhere
there is a huge, glittering pile of Demian's mobile phones, house keys and sunglasses waiting to be found.


Bosch can never be found when needed and will seldom do what he is told.  As such, he serves no discernible purpose in the
NachtZirkus.  However, for the few occasions when he will unexpectedly return the small Phillips screwdriver just when it is needed,
he is tolerated by the troupe.  He also contributes to the clown act, when he is in the mood.
Sculpt:  Orientdoll Dong (yes, really)
Arrival:  November 2008

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