Born in rural Bavaria, Demian is the only child of Baron von Metzengerstein of Zweihügel. A bitter disappointment to the Old Baron
as, not only was Demian more interested in playing the piano than shooting game, he is also afflicted with the family curse of
congenital vampirism. His early life was a study in abuse until, at the age of 15, he ran away from home. After living a self-
destructive life on the streets of Berlin he was reunited with his beloved cousin Severin.  He is a founding member of the


Demian is sensual, audacious and not a little reckless. Because of the events of his early life, he trusts very few people. The
notable exceptions are Severin and Horse, both of whom he depends on entirely. He needs Severin to be his point of stability in an
unknowable and frightening world. He also needs Horse to help him control and release the negative energy born of the hurt,
betrayal and self-loathing he continues to feel. In his own way, he shoulders his parental responsibilities to Madeleine. However, he
does not believe that he could ever be a worthy father for her and defers ultimate responsibility to Severin and Palladino.


Demian is fool and acrobat. He is the creative impulse of the circus and tends to be indulged by the other members of the troupe.
Sculpt:  Dollshe Saint.
Arrival:  October 2007

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