No one can take control like Horse can.  A Master of BDSM and tantra, Horse has the knowledge and skill to calm the wildest heart
or stoke a soul to transcendent ecstasy.  Horse is a Paracletus, a friend or helper of the population of congenital vampires known as
Peregrini.  He helps forge a bridge between their secret, night time world and that of the everyday.  Very few are accorded this
honour but Horse's integrity, fortitude and insight have earned him their trust and respect. 

By night, Horse is the internationally-famous Dungeon Master at the Seventh Circle, a select fetish club in South London.  By day,
Horse is a sound engineer and photographer.


Horse is a formidable presence, both physically and spiritually.  You can see from his eyes that he has touched the infinite.  He is a
committed Buddhist and his faith influences all he does. 


Horse is Strongman and Wild Animal Tamer in the NachtZirkus.  He works with Lilu in the wild animal act and is able to use his
strength of spirit to control him.  He also helps Demian release his demons and, apart from Severin, is the only person to have seen
him cry.  He is respected by all members of the troupe and is consulted on any matters of importance.
Sculpt:  Iplehouse Akando
Arrival: Mk I: December 2008
           Mk II: January 2010

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