The idea had first occurred to Demian during an idle moment.  He had been dressing and, whilst pulling tight his
studded belt and feeling the smooth leather slide through the unyielding steel of the buckle, the idea emerged.  Once it
had come to light, it took on a life of its own. Demian thought about it in quiet moments; whilst sipping his morning
coffee; whilst relaxing in the bath; whilst floating in those clear, bright moments before falling asleep. What would
happen? What would it feel like? How would he act? It was tantalizing.  He had to know.

“Horse?” said Demian as they sat over coffee and pastries one bright Sunday afternoon.

Horse lifted his head and pushed a stray blond dreadlock from his face. He looked gently at Demian with his pale, blue
eyes “Mmm?”

Demain hesitated. He had no qualms about discussing his idea with Horse. He had known him a long time and trusted
him completely. Whatever Demian had to say, he was confident that Horse would never be shocked, amused or
disgusted. He would respond with his usual calm, open interest. However, Demian was about to talk about something
that had been a luminous secret lying luxuriously in his mind for the last few weeks. To both hear it spoken aloud and
to know that the idea would be propagated in the mind of another brought the idea one tantalising step closer to
becoming reality. He wanted to tease himself a little before bringing it to its next stage of growth.

“You know you asked me what I wanted for my birthday?”

“Mm hm?”

“Well, I want to be your dog”, Demian paused again and searched for the reaction in the eyes of his friend. Demian
knew that Horse would be happy to fulfill almost any fantasy he might have, no matter how outlandish or extreme.
Horse’s satisfaction was that of an expert who takes great pride in his work. Although their relationship was personal
and not professional, Horse applied the same inspired intensity; designing and conducting the event with the perfect
pleasure of his friend as his sole concern. And there was no doubt that Demian liked to be looked after in this way.
However, it could sometimes be even better if he knew that Horse was enjoying it too. He waited for Horse’s response.

Horse raised his eyebrows slightly and smiled. He liked the idea! “Tell me about it”, he said.

“Well”. Demian paused again, tasting the tantalising moment for a few seconds more, “I want you to have me as your
dog one evening at The Seventh Circle. You know, have me on a leash, walk me around and make me do stuff.”

Horse’s eyebrows were raised again. Although their master-boy relationship was well-established and formed the basis
of most of their scenes, Demian had never before asked that it be enacted in public. Demian was an exhibitionist by
nature and enjoyed an audience during sex. He was proud of his skill as a lover and was well aware of his own beauty.
However, their scenes had always been something different. Theirs was an intense, intimate moment eons away from
the mundane world. When it was going particularly well, Demian could enter a state of transcendental ecstasy that
amounted to an astral orgasm. He would lose contact with the world around him and launch off into a dazzled state
where he seemed to fly. On other occasions, he would break down entirely, his ego shattered in the intensity of the
moment.  “It’s like fucking God”, as Demian had once poetically put it. Either way, it was certainly not something you
wanted an audience for. Although The Seventh Circle was a select members’ club in which all forms of sexual diversity
were welcomed, it was still a semi-public place. Most people would have asked “Are you sure?”. However, Horse would
be well aware that his friend would not have raised the proposition casually. So, he saved his breath.

“I like that. When did you want to do it?”

“As soon as we can”, said Demian, alive with the electricity of anticipation, ”How about next Saturday? It’s the day
before my birthday”.

“I’ll be working the dungeons at The Circle on Saturday.” Demian’s heart sank. He would have to wait. “But” continued
Horse, “it will only be for a couple of hours at the start of the evening so, if you are a good dog, you can sit and
watch me work until I’ve finished”.

Demian’s heart leaped again. He loved to see Horse work. He loved to study the intense care and concentration on his
friend’s face as he administered to the attendees of The Seventh Circle. He loved to watch his strong, expert hands
manipulating the instruments of punishment with a surgeon’s precision. He loved to see the power this man had to
bestow the extremes of experience on his subjects. To be able to do this as Horse’s loyal and patient dog would be

The next few days were taken up with organising Demian’s costume. Between them, they agreed what of the contents
of Demian’s dressing-up box would be appropriate. However, Horse suggested that he arrange some new items to fit
with the theme. Demian unhesitatingly agreed.

That Saturday, they convened in a private room at the club to carry out the plan.                               
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