By the time Horse arrived at the club, Demian had already changed into the agreed costume. He was naked except for
a moulded latex codpiece that left his buttocks exposed. His smooth, creamy skin and dancer’s physique meant that he
was one of the few people who looked better naked than clothed. He looked like a young Dionysius. He was
accessorised with black elbow and knee pads poached from one of his cyber outfits. He also wore shiny black, thick-
soled boots and short, black latex gloves. His long, black hair was tied back and his pale hazel eyes were full of fire.

Horse entered the room carrying his usual leather kit bag and two others. He carefully laid them on the floor and
walked across to Demian. He was wearing his customary black; a black latex vest top, like a slick second skin across
his well-muscled chest and showed off his strong arms and intricate tattoos.  He also wore black leather trousers that
gleamed off his thighs and black boots with shining silver buckles. His blond dreadlocks glowed against the semi-
darkness of the room.  He approached Demian and kissed him gently in greeting.

“Are you ready?” asked Horse.

“Yes” breathed Demian.

“Right. These are the rules. Tonight, you are my dog and I am your master. You will wear my leash and you will do
what I tell you to do. You will sit when I tell you. You will walk when I tell you. You will not eat, drink or piss unless I
tell you to. You will not talk to anyone. You will not look at anyone. If you do any of these things without my say so,
you will be punished. Is that clear?”

“Yes” breathed Demian again.  He was starting to tremble with excitement.

“Good. Let’s get started.”

Horse returned to his bags and brought them over. From the larger one, he drew an intricate arrangement of black
leather straps and buckles. It was a harness of some sort. Horse carefully unraveled it and threaded it onto Demian’s
arms.  He walked slowly around to secure the buckles at the back, pulling the straps securely across Demian’s chest.
The piece had clearly been custom made and fitted perfectly. The leather was smooth and firm and was faced with the
softest suede. It held him gently but firmly, like a lover’s strong hands. The sultry smell of the new leather was making
him feel giddy.

Demian noticed that the harness fitted closely around the base of his neck and was finished with a thick steel O ring at
the front. Disappointment flashed across his mind as he realised that this must be where the leash would attach. He
had fantasised about wearing the collar around his neck, restraining him and leaving him subject to Horse’s every
command. Surely this was an integral part of being a dog. This harness, however, meant that he would be deprived of
that pleasure. Demian was ashamed to see that his momentary disappointment had registered on his face as Horse was
looking at him with concern. Horse appeared to have read his mind.

“The collar?” he asked. Demian nodded. “Well,” began Horse “there’s a reason for that. A collar looks good, but it’s just
decoration. You can’t put even light pressure on it or it becomes uncomfortable. And if you apply heavy pressure…well.
A harness, on the other hand, spreads the pressure across the stronger areas of the body; around the shoulders,
across the chest. These can take more of a beating. And, if you have a dog, you need to be able to really pull on his
leash if he is not behaving himself”. As ever, Horse had thought of everything.  Demian glowed with the affection and
admiration that he felt for his friend.

Horse then reached for the other bag. He carefully drew out a curious object in black latex. He opened it out carefully
to show Demian. It was a hood to cover the face and head. At the front was an arrangement like a gasmask, with a
respirator to go over the mouth and nose and goggles of tinted perspex to cover the eyes. Seen from the side, the
shape of the respirator was exactly like that of a dog’s muzzle. On the top of the hood were two tassels of latex, one
on either side of the head. These took the role of dog ears and completed the impression of a cyber canine.  It was

Demian lifted his head and waited patiently for Horse to fit the hood. This he did with his customary care, easing it
over Demian’s face and pulling it securely down around his neck. With his head enclosed in latex and his hands similarly
covered, Demian was transformed into a dog. Horse brought out a leash from his kit bag. Its thick silver links shone and
coiled in the dim light. He carefully clipped it to the O ring at the front of the harness. He tugged on it, and Demian
could feel the strength of the harness pulling at his shoulders and back. Horse had definitely made the right choice.

“Let’s go” said Horse, and led Demian out of the room and into the main body of the club.
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