Lilu is a creature of the mindless moment.  He is the accidental produce of an alchemical experiment by Severin and Palladino.  He is
an incubus, an unnatural being that feeds on the psychic energy of extreme human emotions such as pain, sexual arousal and
terror.  Lilu was created without the capacity for memory.  He lives his life in the present, without reflection or comprehension.  He
has no language and is incapable of acquiring a moral sense.  He is only prevented from causing harm by his bondage to his creators
and masters.


Lilu is elemental.  He is driven by his needs and desires and can be ruthless in his pursuit of these.  He is naturally timid and trusts
only his masters.


Lilu is the Hideous Night Daemon, a wild animal act.  Under the control of Horse, Lilu can stoke the excitement of the audience.  He
drinks in this energy and stores it, becoming a psychic battery for the troupe.  He is wholly dependant on Severin and Palladino who
take their proprietorial responsibilities very seriously.  He is treated as a sweet but rather dangerous pet by the rest of the troupe.
Sculpt:  Dollshe Saint.

Sculpt:  Soom Sard
Arrival:  August 2008
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