On the eve of her sixteeth birthday, Madeleine witnesses the accidental death of her mother.  Left without family or friends, she
goes in search of the father she has never met.  Her mother had told her that her father was "special".  As she continues with her
search, Madeleine finds out just what this means.  Her father is Baron Demian von Metzengerstein, fool and acrobat with the
NachtZirkus and congenital vampire.  As she progresses, Madeleine notices changes happening in her body and mind.  She
experiences a hunger she has never felt and discovers powers she never knew she had.  What is she becoming?


What she was born with and what she has lived in her few, intense years have given Madeleine resilience and determination.  What
they haven't given her is despair.  She is a survivor, plenty strong enough to withstand anything life might have in store for her.


Madeleine is billed as the Child Prodigy.  Her feats of telepathy and telekinesis have baffled experts the world over.  In the Zirkus,
she finds the family she always wanted but never expected.
Sculpt:  Mk I Souldoll Hye
Arrival:  October 2008

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