Palladino was born in the early 18th century and he was born with the voice of an angel. In order to retain this power, he was made
a castrato and became famous throughout La Serenissima as the man who could charm the birds from out of the trees. He acquired
a patron, a master alchemist.  He was forcibly given the elixir of life by the man who wanted to preserve his prize. His youthful
beauty, as well as his voice, were thereby suspended in time.

He became involved with the Perigrini when he discovered their shared resistance to physical degeneration. At a dinner hosted by
Giacomo Casanova, he met SÚverin. Two hundred years later, they remain inseparable.


Palladino has responded to the cruel events of his life with equanimity.  It is in his nature to understand and to forgive.  His gentle
soul brings harmony to those around him.  He can not tolerate discord and he will seek to alleviate it at all costs.


Palladino uses his beautiful voice and expertise on the lute to provide musical entertainment at the Zirkus.  He is SÚverin's partner
and is treated with love and respect by the rest of the troupe.
Sculpt:  Dollshe Saint.
Sculpt:  Dollshe Bernard
Arrival:  February 2009
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