Séverin is a congenital vampire and the last survivor of the ancient house of Saint Germain. He is a man of another age. Although
born at the height of the Renaissance, he has felt most at home in the jewelled salons of the Eighteenth Century. His urbane
manner and quick wit have earned him a seat at many an influential dinner table. Indeed, he was the inspiration for Wilde’s Lord
Henry Wotton and is depicted as Saint Lawrence in a painting by Bronzino. It is also believed that he gave rise to the enduring
legend of le Comte de Saint Germain, an alchemist who achieved immortality by discovering the elixir of life.

Séverin exploits his longevity and exercises his impeccably good taste as a dealer in objets d’art. He has become a particular
authority on eighteenth century timepieces.


Séverin is calm and wise.  He can be depended on to know the right thing to do or say in most situations.  He is also something of a
sensualist.  He enjoys luxury and the good things in life: a good opera, good food, good wine or a pint of warm O Negative.


Séverin is Circus Master.  He is the one that the troupe will turn to in times of need and has adopted a paternal role within the
Sculpt:  Mk I Dollmore Lawrence Owne.
Arrival:  February 2008
Sculpt:  Mk II Dollshe David Kuncci
Arrival:  August 2014

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