In these guides, I have focused on what I have found to be important when starting out in photography.  I have used
what I have read as a self taught photographer, as well as drawing on my own experience.  I have also attempted to
highlight the particular challenges and opportunites offered by toy photography.  In that this is a rather unique blend of
still life and portraiture, it is something that I don't feel is generally covered well.

I have attempted to keep these guides as user-friendly as possible, aiming them at the committed beginner
photographer.  However, photography is a technical subject and they are somewhat technical, of necessity.  However,
I have attempted to be mindful of this and not use a technical term where a mundane one would do and to explain any
technical terms that I feel obliged to use.

I hope you will find them to be useful. 

I -    Minimalist studio kit for toys  COMING SOON
II -   Lighting basics  COMING SOON
III -  Studio portrait lighting styles  COMING SOON
IV -  Posing your subject COMING SOON
V -   Composition I: Isolating your subject  COMING SOON
VI -  Composition II: Shapes and lines  COMING SOON
VII - Reducing blur and noise; Defeating the enemies of clarity
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